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Chip Tijuana - Introduction
If you're reading this, chances are you came here from Chip Tijuana - The Blog, if you didn't, I have no idea how you found this page. But enjoy!
The story of Chip Tijuana is a long and complicated adventure, full of twists and turns, thrills and intrigue. But because I'm tired, and my basement is cold, I'm only going to give you a quick synopsis of my life and times.
Chip Tijuana - The Life and Times
It was a bright and sunny day on October 27, 1978 in the city of Burnaby British Columbia. Chip Tijuana would enter the world that day, and make it significantly brighter.

Chip was born in British Columbia and spent the first of his, to date, 25 years there. He moved from Burnaby to Montreal, where he lived with his parents and his younger brother until the age of 4. At which time Chip moved to Oshawa Ontario.

It is widely believed that Chip's presence in Oshawa was the only thing that prevented the city from crumbling into a mass of filth and mullet infested ruin, and his eventual departure for college would be the catalyst that triggered the inevitable.

Chip grew up in Oshawa, living an average childhood. He played baseball, bugged his parents for G.I.Joe toys, loved cartoons, and ate many a Popsicle. Chip did well in high school earning honours several years, and awards for History. He also participated in the then renowned Eastdale Theatre Company.

After high school Chip attended Niagara College for three years and received a diploma in Film Production, as well as winning awards for best director of a first year television pilot, and a third year New Media award.  Chip has now completed a one year Post-Graduated Program for 3D Animation at Durham College.

Chip is currently seeking employment in the Computer Animation Industry, while working on an independent short film with his former classmate, Miah.

Chip Tijuana
I'm so spooky. Actually, this is the only picture I have on my computer.

The Rest of the Story
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